Tech Copywriting for Complete Newbies

Tech Copywriting for Complete Newbies - a greate cource about tech copywriting

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This course covers the principles and processes of writing effectively and targeting specific audiences: CTOs (Chief technology officer), enterpreneurs, startup owners, software developers, . You will develop competence in preparing and presenting documents for a wide range of readers in a variety of business situations.

Learn how to write tech related articles and add a new skill set to your writing resume.

Tech copywriting allows you to:

  • increase your copywriting skill set
  • charge more for your services
  • offer tangible skills that helps a client make more money
  • provide a point of difference to other copywriters
  • market your own business effectively without hiring expensive SEO copywriters
  • build a skill set that keeps you ahead of the industry curve and relevant to your clients

This course is delivered 100% online. This means you will access your course materials and submit assignments online. For online learning you need access to a computer or device, and reliable internet.